Taking Away Your Computer Worries
We know how painful it is to experience computer and technology problems. No matter how large or small your company might be, we want to help you harness the power of technology to expand your business, help your staff communicate more effectively, save time and money, and plan for the future. We believe that your IT systems should be as reliable as your electricity supply.

EnsembleNet is not just about fixing problems - although we do that extremely well. We are more interested in becoming your partner - taking care of all your computer and technology worries. Partnering with your staff or full-time IT professionals, your very own EnsembleNet IT Manager will be alongside you and listen to your unique needs, and we'll immediately begin to implement solutions that work for you, from the smallest email problem to regular server maintenance and monitoring. We are your technology partner.

The Ensemblenet Network Support Package
When you enter into an Ensemblenet Network Support Package we won't simply wait for a problem to occur before sending an IT technician on site. An ounce of prevention is better than trying to seek a cure after something goes wrong. We ensure that your systems run smoothly and efficiently; preventing problems before they occur.

Before the contract commences we will perform an initial audit of your IT systems - network, workstations, operating systems and applications. This includes auditing your level of virus and internet protection, any operating system patches and updates that are required, as well as ensuring that hard disk, display and printer drivers are up to date.. This will help us to minimise problem resolution times and also recommend any areas of your IT infrastructure (eg urgent Windows security updates) that may need immediate attention. We will then perform regular monthly maintenance checks on all your systems.

The Network Support Package is designed for businesses who can't afford the cost or distraction of managing in-house IT administrators and support staff, but who still need high network availability and performance and expert computer help. By leveraging the economy of remote network access, the proactive intelligence of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) server monitoring software, and the experience of EnsembleNet's IT Support staff, EnsembleNet can now offer you world-class network support at down-to-earth prices.

An EnsembleNet Network Support Package provides the following service and protection.

Stage 1: Assesment and Recommendations.

  • Assess your existing network to make sure you have qualified hardware with manufacturer's on-site service, anti-virus software, firewalls, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support for remote access
  • Perform a security audit to make sure your network is protected from attacks by hackers and viruses
  • Configure MOM - Microsoft's revolutionary new server monitoring software - and set up remote access between your network and EnsembleNet network support experts
  • Data Backup - Ensure data integrity and perform dummy restore
  • 24x7 Secure Remote Monitoring of your network and IT Systems
  • Recommendation of any network or workstation operating system upgrades required.
  • Recommendation of virus and security measures required.


Stage 2: Ongoing Maintenance and Support

  • Monthly Review of Network Performance
  • Quarterly On-site Meeting
  • Remote Administration (creation of user and mail accounts, printer and drive mappings etc)
  • Help Desk experts answer and track network support calls
  • Keep your network current with the latest server and workstation Operating System Service Packs
  • Maintain your security and anti-virus software and hardware.
  • Be alerted of any impending problems detected by Microsoft Operations Manager
  • Support via remote or on-site troubleshooting by our Microsoft-certified engineers.
  • Network Server Hardware Maintenance - Regular hardware checks including U.P.S
  • Basic Applications Support (Microsoft Office, Outlook, AutoCAD)

For further information please contact us on info@ensemblenet.com.au