The HP ProLiant ML350 G4 is a traditional tower server refined with essential availability features to form a versatile, dependable backbone for expanding businesses and dedicated workgroups.

All our HP Servers are backed with a guaranteed 4 Hour Response Time from Hewlett Packard Site Engineers.


A Reliable Foundation

Whether your business supports data and transactions from 5, 100, or 1000 users, the ProLiant ML350 stays up and running with the help of its essential availability features.
  • Redundant power, fan, and disk features (optional for most models) ensure that the ProLiant ML350 G4 continues to support your business in the event of a system power, thermal, or disk error
  • Hot plug support for SCSI drives and power supplies (most models), not only keep your business running, but also simplify upgrades and part replacements
  • A new duplex SCSI backplane option enables cost-effective separation of RAID sets

Rock Solid Performance at an Affordable Price
The ProLiant ML350 G4 combines the latest Intel processor technology with performance I/O and memory technology at a price that fits tight budgets.

Complete Tools for Savvy System Management

Like a trusted business partner, the ProLiant ML350 G4 is accessible and easy to work with. Together, ProLiant Essentials software and Lights Out technology make server installation and management a snap.
  • SmartStart, included in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack shipped with the ML350, gets your server up and running in three easy steps .
  • HP Systems Insight Manager keeps an eye on your server so that staff members can focus on priority projects. Alerts on system status can be delivered to you on your own terms.
  • Get remote control with the Lights Out technology of RILOE II. View the server console and install updates anytime anywhere with RILOE II - even when the system OS is down.

Adapts to conquer new business opportunities

Clever businesses know that technology is one of the best ways to get a competitive edge. The ProLiant ML350 G4 gives your business infrastructure the runway it needs to get that edge.
  • Processor and memory upgrades support additional users and boost response times
  • Rack the ProLiant ML350 G4 when physical location needs change
  • Incorporate tape backup solutions to protect business data
  • Attach a wide array of external storage and backup devices as data storage needs increase

What's new
The fourth generation ProLiant ML350 delivers enhancements in server design, compute performance, and availability.

  • Up to 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon processors with 800 MHz FSB, 1 MB L2 cache and EM64T
  • 333 MHz DDR Memory (PC2700)
  • 2 PCI-Express Slots
  • 4 PCI-X Slots
  • Redundant system fan
  • Second serial port
  • Non hot plug SCSI models available
Design and Connectivity
  • New front bezel design for easy access to removable media
  • Front USB port
  • Improved universal rail design for both round and square hole racks

Specs at a glance

(1) Intel® Xeon TM processor (up to 2 supported)
Up to 3.4 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
Cache 1 MB L2
Standard Memory 512 MB or 1 GB (model dependent)
Max Memory 8 GB
Max Internal Drives 8
Tower Yes
Rack 5U

Ideal environment

Ideal for...

Growing businesses running core applications
  • Consistent server performance at an affordable price
  • Plenty of room for growth - Add processors, memory, backup and I/O cards in a snap to add users and get a competitive edge or convert the ML350 to a rack environment when you need to have more servers on site
  • Reliable data protection
Branch offices and remote sites
  • No one on site has to manage the server - Use RILOE II to manage the server anytime, anywhere, even when the server OS is down. A blue Unit ID (UID) on the server lets those on site know that someone is accessing the server.
  • Redundant components provide predictable server uptime
  • Savvy tools for server installation, deployment, and management