Even if your computer sits behind a network firewall you can still be susceptible to viruses via email, web browsing or copying files from floppy or CD drivers. We recommend Symantec Client Security 2.0

Protect your business from viruses, hackers and spam.

SymantecT Client Security 2.0 with Groupware Protection provides powerful, multi-layer security, defending your business against viruses, hackers, spam, and blended threats. Cutting-edge firewall protection and intrusion detection automatically hide your desktops from hackers and block suspicious connections. These tools interact seamlessly with Symantec AntiVirusT to guard your network against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and blended threats.


SymantecT Mail Security filters spam and keeps your Microsoft Exchange® and Lotus Domino® email protected against viruses. Centralized management tools facilitate automatic, timely protection and make it easy to secure your network from a single location. And the experts at SymantecT Security Response supply fresh updates and professional support whenever new threats emerge.