Sharepoint enables AutoCAD drawing and design information to be easily accessed by all project team members, boosting business productivity. It collects all necessary design and project data, and publishes these securely on the company intranet or extranet, without converting native AutoCAD DWG files to other formats. Sharepoint and AutoCAD integration is much more than simply placing your drawings on a file server.

Search, Share, Re-use with dynamic data

Data in the drawing title block can be linked to the data stored in SharePoint Portal Server 2003, so no retyping is necessary, which reduces mistakes. By extending SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with the DWG iFilter, all textual data in drawings can be searched using SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This produces fast search results and enables users to subscribe to relevant information, bringing it rapidly to their attention.
Project members from all departments can now easily share and re-use design and document information without having to take complicated intermediate steps. Sharepoint offers enhanced business productivity and lower storage costs, and ensures advanced content management functionality.

Increased Productivity
Offering an easy to use Web publishing facility, Sharepoint increases the business productivity of AutoCAD users. Collaboration between project team members, clients and suppliers is simplified yet improved. Because of centralized storage, data and information is more easily available. Linking drawing title block information with the data fields in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 documents removes the need for staff to re-enter data, reducing the risk of errors being introduced.

Design, engineering and construction companies, as well as manufacturing plants, and architecture firms, are some of the industries that can benefit from the this solution. They can share AutoCAD information across the enterprise while enabling external parties to securely access the information over Internet. The version feature of SharePoint Server 2003 gives users the certainty of working with the right drawing version, reducing the need for expensive reworking of designs.

Sharepoint streamlines and accelerates the company’s processes, enabling greater business agility. Quicker time to market, lower costs, and improved collaboration ensures increased revenues.

Sharepoint is notable for its ease of use and seamless connectivity between AutoCAD engineering workstations, database and Web servers. This can bring an increased return on investment.

Extending SharePoint 2003 with the DWG iFilter provides users with the means to search textual information within AutoCAD drawing files without having AutoCAD on their desktop PC.

Solution highlights

  • Easy publication of AutoCAD drawings on intranet and extranet
  • Search textual information in AutoCAD drawings
  • Automatic version numbering of design information such as drawings
  • Small investment compared to other Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions
  • Central storage of AutoCAD drawings and relevant data
  • Low learning curve for users
  • Advanced information sharing and document collaboration
  • Enhanced cooperation, boosting business productivity
  • Lower storage costs through centralized back-up of data
  • Easy accessibility of design information
  • Re-use of data offers lower production costs
  • Technical version numbering schemes
  • Easy deployment offers reduced IT costs
  • Accessibility of drawings based on SharePoint Services roles
  • Bi-directional data links attributes in drawing title block and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 metadata
  • ISO 9001 compliant