How technology will accelerate your digital business

You believe you can grow and expand your business. You know your business and your markets, and you know you need an IT Infrastructure to enable you to achieve success.

To thrive as a digital business, you need the flexibility to adapt to changes and stay ahead of the curve. The technology services you need may change over time, or may vary across different areas of your environment.

You may not have the IT skills and knowledge in house, but we can help you with solutions and services for your office network infrastructure, your communications and collaboration needs, and we can secure your network and data both from inside and outside the office.

If you’re thinking of moving to cloud and you’re considering a digital business strategy, you can rely on our experts to ensure you’re ready for anything.

We specialize in setting up and configuring Microsoft range of server products such as Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Microsoft Server Features and Benefits


A central backup for all your important data for offsite storage.


Protect your files from unauthorised access.

File Services

Secure storage to share files amongst employees.

Print Services

Shared printers throughout your organisation.

Remote Access Server (VPN)

Employees can work from anywhere.

Remote Desktop Services

Local hosted applications provided to multiple users across your business.

User Management

Access control to all your information.


Run multiple virtual servers reducing cost.


 EnsembleNet is a professional IT Services company catering to small and medium sized businesses. We recognise that your first priority is your core  business. You don’t want to worry about internet viruses, Windows patches or malfunctioning PCs. Nor do you want your key personnel  wasting their valuable time and resources on I.T. problems. 

We aim to provide cost effective business solutions and unsurpassed service that will advocate a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. Our goal is to build a reputation personified by innovation coupled with knowledge, and commitment. 

With Ensemblenet you can have an IT solution that meets YOUR requirements. Plus access to over 15 years  experience in the IT field looking after businesses just like yours. Whether you need a new network  server, want to access to your files from home, or simply need someone to look after your systems while you concentrate on your work – let Ensemblenet become your I.T. Partner.


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